Find solutions with Analysis programs

Event-driven sampling of waste water with the Ebbot robot is part of our analysis programs

The analysis programs at Industridoktorn aim to solve problems and not just to identify them. For example to build a healthy house, get a better indoor environment and make sure the swimming lake has an oxygen rich bottom. Prices are given excluding VAT.

Analysis program for mould

Industridoktorn helps you to find out if problems you experience in your property/boat/camper is caused by mould och how to get rid of the problem. You recieve a sampling instruction and, if needed, sampling material. Subsequently you provide or send your samples to our laboratory for analysis. You get a report on the appearance of the growth and suggestions on measures to solve the problem.

After taken actions, we are happy to perform a follow-up analysis to examine if you got rid of the problem. 1570 SEK/sample & sampling occasion. Additional samples at the same occasion 289 SEK/sample (max 5 samples per report). Would you like to confirm if it is bacteria or microfungi (mainly mould) that grows, we can analyze this with genetical methods.

Analysis program for PUR and its degradation products

The Industridoktorn modified method based on ISO-17734-1 & ISO-17734-2, for simultaneous determination of aminoisocyanates och isocyanates. The method can be used for both air and solid samples, for instance PUR foam. Price with reservation for extra sample preparation cost. 5245 SEK/sample.

Chemical surveillance (Robots)

Event-driven sampling with Ebbot + 14 samples. The largest point of error in quantifying an environmental load is that you don´t take samples when emissions occur. Industridoktorn, through StromTech Sweden AB, has developed the measuring and sampling system Ebbot. The system takes samples via an app in your phone or when the sensors of the robot suspect an emission. 22 500 SEK/1st week, 11 250 SEK/each following week.

Analysis program for clogged fuel filters

Industridoktorn helps you to find out whether you problem with clogged fuel filters depends on microorganisms or if it is mainly caused by chemistry. You send your filters with information on where they come from/what environment is has been exposed to in a well sealed container to us. We take out samples for analysis.

You recieve a report on how the “sludge” clogging the filter looks and get suggestions on how to proceed. 2783 SEK/sample. If you would like to confirm if it is bacteria, algae or microfungi (mainly mould) that grow, we can analyze this with genetical methods.

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