Chemical response map

Chemical response mapping by the Gaston gas surveillance robot

The robot Gaston can detect not only different gases and smells but also show exactly where a specific emission comes from by mapping the chemical response from the sensors. The above picture shows a chemical response map from measurement of a volatile organic compound usually used for detecting gas that has found its´ way into the Industridoktorn laboratory. The different colours reveal the relative levels that were measured. The red colour shows where the level was highest and the robot could even reveal exactly which tube it was that was leaking. The level was so low that our own noses could not detect the smell, in spite of a substance you normally feel very well at low concentrations.

Outdoors where no walls can hinder the air flow the map can, instead of single point measurements, show a whole area coloured after how high the measured levels of a substance are. Then it becomes even easier to pinpont where a specific emission comes from. This technique, that can be followed by event-driven sampling inside the same robot for thorough analysis, becomes very powerful for detection and prevention of emissions.

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