Problemsolving in chemistry and microbiology

Industridoktorn works in the following areas:

  • Research & development
  • Enviromental monitoring with robots
  • Industrial emissions
  • Chemical analysis
  • Materials analysis
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Green/sustainable transition
  • Technical audits in chemistry and microbiology

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Phone: +46 (0)10 – 641 06 19

What does Industridoktorn do?

Industridoktorn is a contract research organization (CRO) which solves problems related to chemistry and microbiology in industry and society. We work with processes, products, production and product development. We take on anything from small projects, encompassing a few hours of work, to long term projects of several years, such as strategic product development or continuous support for internal research and development divisions. Contract research is performed with full confidentiality unless otherwise decided by the customer. We also work in publicly funded research projects as time allows. Publicly funded projects are always economically reported separately.

We are mainly focused on industries and commercial companies, but also national or regional government organizations who need support on chemical or microbiological issues.

Unique way of working

Industridoktorn® develops advanced robots and analysis instruments that we use during commissions and research. The amount of data produced makes it easy to draw conclusions from the questions asked …Read more about the development here.

Our doctors

Our doctors are active researchers with large contact networks and comprehensive experience within applied industrial research.

Dr Ekendahl, microbiology

Dr Ekendahl
Our expert in industrial microbiology

Susanne Ekendahl is a researcher in microbiology with 33 years of practical experience! [more]

Dr Engelbrektsson, chemistry

Dr Engelbrektsson
Our expert in analytical equipment

Johan Engelbrektsson is a researcher in chemistry and expert on chemical and analytical instrumentation for industrial research [more]

Dr Hakonen, chemistry

Dr Hakonen
Our expert in chemical sensors

Aron Hakonen is an established researcher in analytical chemistry and development of chemical sensors [more]

Dr Karlsson, chemistry

Dr Karlsson
Our expert in industrial modelling

Anders Karlsson is a researcher in analytical chemistry with focus on industrial modelling [more]

Dr Strömberg, chemistry

Dr Strömberg
Our expert in monitoring robots

Niklas Strömberg is a researcher in analytical chemistry with a focus on robotics and automation for chemical monitoring [more]

Ask the doctor!

Chemistry and biology is complex! Even if we believe we cannot solve your problem ourselves, we certainly know who could help you and guide you to a solution. Contacting us is always a good starting point!

Public research and development

Algae soup

Jet fuel from bacteria, robots for tracking viral oubreaks and cultivated dyes for textile industry. We make science fiction into reality, here and now, in our publicly funded research projects [more].

What does it cost?

Industridoktorn have a default hourly rate of 1360 SEK/h (2024) for industrial contract work. Chemical and microbiological analyses are charged according to our price list separately from the hourly rates. We will give you a specified quote before we start. You can also use our Analysis-finder, where the majority of commercial laboratories that perform standardized measurements in predefined matrices can be compared.

The environmental laboratory

The Environmental laboratory at Industridoktorn

We work in our newly built (2021) private laboratory for chemical, materials and microbiological research. The laboratory is equipped with instrumentation for chemical and microbiological characterization [more]. In addition we have facilities in the lab for development of analytical instrumentation as well as chemical sensors. The environmental laboratory will monitor it’s own environmental footprint and in addition functions as a demonstrator for chemical monitoring and biological safety equipment currently developed at the Industridoktorn laboratory [more].

When immediate action is needed…

Industridoktorn consists of companies which are not subject to the Public Procurement Act. In practical terms this means that we can make quick decisions, buy any equipment needed, solve the problem and deliver results in the projects on time. We have established cooperation with european suppliers and in addition have the competence to procure globally as needed.

About Industridoktorn

Industridoktorn collects key competences in chemistry and microbiology for industry and society under a common brand. The Industridoktorn companies are currently AddScience Sweden AB, Kemulen AB, Miljösus AB, Sensor Visions AB and StromTech Sweden AB. Our laboratory is situated at Bohus-Björkö in the northern archipelago of Göteborg (Gothenburg).

Fume cupboards at Industridoktorn