Gaston – surveillance robot for gas and scents

Gaston - a gas sniffing robot!

Meet Gaston, our new scent-sniffing robot!

It uses GPS, sensors and fluidics to track scents. Gaston can even prepare the sniffed gas for better detection and store samples for later lab analysis.

To map scents, just take Gaston for a walk or put it on a ROV and follow the build up of the response map in the cloud. Leave it in one place for a month to monitor emissions over time, determine total emissive loads,  find out that exposure limits are not exceeded and store scents automatically.

It has no buttons (except for power) and no displays. It´s surveyed and controlled via phone, PDA, or computer and designed for hard work (= robota) at places you should avoid…

Identifying scents is tough; there are only a few selective gas sensors available, but  thousands of compounds can be present in air at tiny levels. Gaston solves these problems  by using preparation before sensing, multiple sensors with different selecitivities along with event driven sampling. Thereby it has the potential to determine most compounds present in air over time. Connecting sensing to sampling is key.

Try it in an application of yours – Gaston is exclusively available through Industridoktorn’s assignments.

Let´s make sense!


  • Chemical response mapping (sensor) in real time
  • Chemical mapping (sampler) of all compounds that is possible to find  in air over time
  • Tracking scents (sensor & sampler)
  • Chemical surveillance over weeks
  • Event driven sampler (12 samples)
  • Sample prep and prep before sensing
  • Signal enhancements to as low as possible levels using concentration and filtration techniques
  • Determination of total exposure or emission over time for all molecules possible to quantify in air with traditional techniques (GC, HPLC, IC, Mass spectrometry)
  • Sniffing compass (sensor & sampler)

StromTech Sweden AB is the company behind the robots, read more here: