Cleanroom technology

The cleanroom and cleanroom technology at Industridoktorn is approved for work with riskgroup 2- microbes

During manufacturing of products or utilization of equipment or processes, cleanliness and hygiene are very important. Cleanroom technology is used for methods development and production at scale. The abscence of microorganisms and purity from chemical substances in or on the actual product as well as at the industrial premises is important. Not only fluids, chemical substances, surfaces and materials have to be kept clean to avoid contamination. Also the working personnel and the circulating air must be clean.

The cleanroom of Industridoktorn is approved for work with risk group 2 microorganisms. The incoming air is filtered from particles. It is in addition supplied with a HEPA filter. There is an overpressure in the room. Air from other points than via the HEPA filter does not enter. Our LAF bench is equipped with HEPA-filters plus UV-C-light for sterilization. Surfaces are disinfected with alcohol and decontaminated for RNAse.

The staff uses disposable gloves, clean shoes and lab coats and face masks when needed during work in the room. Our qPCR, ATP luminometer and microscope all have their place here. In the room lock outside the cleanroom, we change clothes and wash our hands. Here is also an autoclave for sterilization of fluids, solids and waste positioned. A laboratory dish washer disinfect glassware. A washing machine for clothes and a waste handling system completes the lab.

Are you developing a method, product or process that has to be very clean but are not certain it is actually so? Contact us if you have a need for methods development or problem solving within chemistry or microbiology ,where cleanliness is extra important!