Technical audits in chemistry and microbiology

Clean water is essential!

Do you have a project idea that requires knowledge in chemistry and/or microbiology in order to move forward practically? You may want to develop a process or a product that contributes to the green transition, better living conditions or a better environment. We can help you with technical audits and assessment of plausability for your idea, whether you have a startup company or work in industry or other businesses. It can consist of an evaluation of prototypes, research results and so called MVP:s (Minimum Viable Products).

Or perhaps you work at an incubator, in an innovation office, as an investor or financing agent and want to complement a market analysis with a technical audit of someone else´s idea? A technical audit is the key to succeed with your investment!

In 2014, Theranos, a blood-testing startup pitching a supposedly revolutionary technology, was flying high. Theranos seemed to be offering technology that could revolutionize medicine and save lives the world over. The only problem…The technology didn’t work.

Having raised over $700m in investment, the company had become the rising star of Silicon Valley and was valued at over $9 billion.

We assess whether the project is technically plausible, practically possible and environmentally friendly. How advanced is the chemical or microbiological process that is required for it to be successful? Is it heading in the right direction? Which competences are needed? We give advice about what is good with the idea and list which points in the project plan that need to be improved or changed, based on how far the process have come and on which technical grounds it might stand on already. You receive a report with our independent recommendations, weaknesses and strengths, whether you are the owner of the idea or are evaluating a project application before a funding decision.

We can also help with practical tests and analyses if the project has come to that point already.
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At Industridoktorn we have exclusively senior scientific experts in chemistry and microbiology with many years of experience with practical projects and applications for funding. Contact us before you apply for funding or decide to finance or invest in a project – for a better chance of success!