Ebbot – The environmental surveillance robot

The environmental surveillance robot Ebbot

Chemical surveillance means that the concentration of different substances are measured over time and is mainly used in process industry in different ways. StromTech Sweden AB has developed the environmental robot Ebbot that performs sensor event-driven sampling and can bot log data and be remotely controlled. The robot takes samples when something actually happens!

The environmental robot is filled with chemical sensors that deliver environmental data in real time and is controlled from a cloud based instrument panel in your phone or computer. It is self-sufficient in electricity via solar panels, but is also equipped with batteries and ac adapter for dark environments. In contrast to algot, the environmental surveillance robot Ebbot has all sensors incorporated inside the robot. It also cleans and calibrates the sensors without manual handling.

The environmental surveillance system is designed to measure the following parameters, even if Ebbot to start with is limited to temperature, redox (ORP), pH and conductivity.

AbsorbanceWhich light is absorbed by the water?
FluorescenseIs the water luminous and which colour?
TurbidityAre there particles in the fluid?
ReflectanceWhich is the colour of the fluid?
ConductivitySaltiness of the water
pHAcidity of the water
Temp (water)Temperature in the water
Redox (ORP)A measure of the oxidation level in the sample
COhead spaceElevated carbon dioxide above sample indicates degradation (headspace/gas)
TVOC ambientTotal volatile organic substances in the air on site
TVOC headspaceTotal volatile organic substances from the sample (headspace/gas)
Temp (air)Air temperature
PressureAir pressure
Air humidityAir humidity

If equipped with optode chip the following is additonally measured:

O2Oxygen level

The above at present up to 18 parameters is used as such or to determine whether Ebbot will take a sample to one of the 12 sample places in the machine. Sampling can be made according to a time scheduler or after a certain parameter whenever you like. Time resolution from 1 min.

* The robots are tracked and protected against theft 


The robot can take up to 12 samples according to a predetermined schedule or be controlled to sample whenever you like. By its´sensors, it can also decide when best to sample so that pulses of emission can be collected for analysis at the laboratory. In that sense it performs a better sampling, based on sensor signals, than can be done manually by a human.

In addition no unnecessary samples are taken, that later on show the same concentrations during analyses at the laboratory. Instead the sampling frequency is adapted to changes in the environment that the robot senses via it´s sensors. It means that emissions are not undetected and a total environmental impact can be correctly determined.

Read more about our analyses here!

Environmental surveillance services

The new technique is available as an environmental surveillance service that you book on demand. No purchase of equipment, no maintenance and no practical handling but just environmental data directly to you about the area you want to surveill. See the informative film below to learn how the service works.

StromTech Sweden AB is the company behind the robots, read more here: https://stromtech.se/