Lucia – surveillance robot for life and invasive species

Lucia is under development!

Invasive species can be hidden beneath the surface of common species. Lucia is the robot for detection!

Jellyfish are a type of cnidarians and within this animal group there are several examples of species that can spread without control worldwide. Species that have not previously been present in a certain area can be classified as invasive if they cause problems for people or the biological diversity. Invasive species in the sea or in lakes are a growing problem and are often spread via ballast water from ships.

The function of ballast water cleaning systems must be verified and an indicative test if the cleaning works is to measure ATP (the energy molecule of life). You can do that by filtering a water sample and collect organisms between 10 and 50 micrometers in size. The requirements for purity from this size class are high. ATP measurements can reveal if the water is clean enough. We now develop the robot Lucia for this purpose.

Read more about ATP here!

Lucia is the robot for detection and thereby prevention of problematic spread of invasive species from foreign waters by using automatic sampling and measuring ATP in the sample. It can also discover if other types of pure water no longer is pure from living organisms and thereby warn against contaminated water.

ATP is measured by luminescens, so Lucia is our most shining robot!

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