The Environmental Laboratory

Interior of the Industridoktorn environmental laboratory

The environmental laboratory at Bohus-Björkö in the northern archipelago of Göteborg (Gothenburg) was designed by Industridoktorn in the spring of 2021 to achieve an efficient layout for laborative work with 4-8 researchers and their equipment [more]. The laboratory is divided in sections with different functions

  • Analytical laboratory
  • Microbiology lab/cleanroom
  • Optics lab/darkroom
  • Wet lab/clean up
  • Equipment room (IT and electrical)
  • 4 Offices

Environmentally friendly – Functional – Monitored

The center of the laboratory is the analytical laboratory with an open floorplan, central tables where larger analytical instruments are located and multifunctional lab benches along the walls. The tables and benches are placed to allow passage on both sides, which makes it easy to move around in the lab. A central wall divides the analytical laboratory from the cleanroom, wet lab and optics lab and collects all the necessary infrastructure for a laboratory, such as ventilation, gas lines, ultrapure water and fume hoods, for easy access. Placing the main part of the infrastructure on the central wall allowed us to keep the open floor plan with 3.6 m internal ceiling height and feeling of spaciousness. The design is flexible and can be built at a low cost, i.e. <60 000 SEK/m2 which is the average cost for a laboratory. The central wall has space for 4 full height fume hoods, which one as a chemist can never have to many of, ventilated cabinets for chemicals, as well as ovens and an incubator at the outer wall. inkubationsskåp och ugnar närmast yttervägg/gavel. On the other side of the central wall you find the clean up area with laboratory dishwasher/disinfector, autoclave etc., the microbiology lab/clean room for up to Class II organisms, equipped with a height adjustable laminar flow bench and also the optics lab. In the optics lab we can build, prototype and evaluate sensors, imaging, laser and spectroscopic equipment and just outside is the analytical spectroscopy section with access to fluorescence spectrometer (including fluorescence lifetime), UV-VIS spectroscopy, FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy. Ventilation in the lab can be a major part of the operating costs, which is why it in our case is handled by a ceiling-mounted crossflow heat exchange ventilation unit providing 85% heat recovery. All air in and out of the lab is filtered, and extra HEPA-filters provide particle free air to the cleanroom. On the other end of the lab, as far away from ventilation, heat input and movements as possible and protected by ceiling and walls, we have located the analytical balances. Accurate weighing is absolutely critical for analytical laboratories. Close to the entrance is the chemicals and sample storage as well as fridges, freezers and other equipment to prevent deterioration. On the south side of the lab are the four offices with sound proofed walls and windows towards the analytical laboratory, as well as windows and a view towards the sea and nearby recreational area. Additionally there is a common lunch room shared with other companies housed in the building, a meeting room, four flexible workplaces, which can be rented (Sörgårdskile AB), as well as samt indoor gym, outdoor gym and an outdoor swimming area within 200 m.

Illumination in the laboratory exceeds 800 lux at bench height (similar as to what is recommended for stores) and the sound pressure is 55 dB (approximately normal conversation) in the analytical laboratory, which provides an optimal working environment for chemistry and biology work. All walls and doors include additional sound dampening (Rw 35 dB) to reduce noise from ventilation and equipment. The floors are of a dark color to make it easier to see dirt and especially slivers of broken glass, which is one of the main causes of injury in a laboratory). The fume hoods are equipped with electric interlocks and adaptive flow control, as well as equipment for individual video monitoring. We are equippping the drains and ventilation with automated monitoring of chemical and biological contamination from Stromtech, including event controlled sampling for further analysis.

In the analytical laboratory, three laboratory islands with glass cabinets provide the main work space and allow light transmission and a phenomenal overview of the lab. The centrally placed tables are equipped with outlets for compressed air, laboratory gases, electrics and wired network connections, channeled down from the ceiling to provide free floor space for carts and minimize risk of tripping. Each table is adapted for a specific function, i.e. chromatography, spectroscopy or preparative work.

The Analytical Laboratory

The analytical laboratory designed with care and a fantastic view

Cleanroom and Microbiology Laboratory

Bioreactor for growing microorganisms with controlled light carbon dioxide air and nutrient addition as well as ventilation to remove any excess gases or contamination

Optics, Microscopy Laboratory and Darkroom

Optics laboratory at Industridoktorn

Office Environment

Office at the Industridoktorn Environmental Laboratory
View from one of the offices at the Industridoktorn Environmental Laboratory

Surroundings – you find us at Bohus-Björkö near Göteborg