Dr Engelbrektsson

Dr Johan Engelbrektsson

Dr Engelbrektsson is a PhD in analytical chemistry, expert in development of equipment and instruments, electronics and software used in chemical research. Johan is also generally knowledgable in chemistry and materials, sensor electronics as well as the aspect of machine learning often encountered in chemistry (chemometrics and multivariate analysis). He additionally has a long experience of working with spectroscopy (Raman, Fluorescence, FTIR, UV-VIS and NIR) and gas chromatography (GCMS), including method development and building/modifying these instruments.

During the pandemic 2020-2021 he put the main part of his work aside to set up equipment and methods for quality assurance of personal protective equipment (PPE), mainly surgical masks and respirators, when the supply lines to Sweden (and most of Europe) were disrupted.

Today Johan works out of his own company AddScience Sweden AB with the focus of helping researchers and industry with development, product issues, chemical equipment and tricky chemistry related problems in general. This can be anything from process/quality control, functional, visual or odour issues with products to customized research equipment or test and development setups for complex problems. He participates in several public-funded research projects. Johan has experience with most commonly used analytical techniques, including wet chemistry, but nowadays work mostly with organic analysis and gas chromatography (GCMS). Get in touch with Johan for help with chemistry related questions. http://www.addscience.se

E-mail: info@addscience.se

Phone +46(0)708-929769