Dr Ekendahl

PhD Susanne Ekendahl is a researcher in microbiology, ecologist, project manager and author with 33 years of experience of practical laboratory research. Susanne works withpretty much all types of microbes – bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic), fungi (yeast, mold, wood decay), cyanobacteria and microalgae. We do not cultivate virus strains at the Industridoktorn lab, but can work with them indirectly. For the past 15 years she has developed the research area of microalgae, which can be used for industrial capture of carbon dioxide (CCS/CCU) and biobased materials. Susanne works as consultant and researcher in her company Miljösus AB at the Industridoktorn laboratory. Susanne enjoys the combination of writing, planning, organizing and, of course, practical labwork, inherent in the role as researcher. For more information, see https://miljosus.se.