Industridoktorn makes demands on their suppliers. Good environmental work, ethics and good personnel policy are things that we assume, but beyond this we want the companies to have:

  • Own storage or production, preferably in Sweden, for fast and secure deliveries
  • High competence within their sales area

If they meet these criteria the companies are shown below as preferred supplier for Industridoktorn.

Large assortment of glass ware which can also be specially ordered and manufactured according to drawings. They also have consumables, various laboratory equipment and chemicals from different manufacturers/producers. Saveen & Werner has their own Swedish storage and our contact person has a research degree within our field of activity.

Nordiska Ventilationsprodukter AB
Has a large storage and own production of ventilation products from tinplate to tubes at Ringön in Göteborg. Impressively short delivery times and construction according to drawings of special equipment for the laboratory, such as for example Hepa filter holders for the clean room etc. Our contact person and associated constructors hold a high standard for our questions about the advanced laboratory constructions we built.

In Scandinavia they have their own production of industry medical and special gases and several air gas factories filling stations sales offices and dry ice facories Their local presence makes it possible to offer products and service of high quality with very short delivery times Nippon supplies Industridoktorn with for example special mixtures of flue gas simulating the emissions of a specific industry and of course the common laboratory gases to our 6 fixed gas pipelines <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpsnippongasescomse sv target= blank>httpsnippongasescomse sv<a>

Has their own storage in Stora Höga with components for gas and oil from the leading trademarks and characteristically fast and uncomplicated deliveries Has a high competence for construction of industrial solutions Items has supplied Industridoktorn with throttle connections valves hanging systems and gas pipelines to the laboratory <a rel=noreferrer noopener href=httpwwwitemsse target= blank>httpwwwitemsse<a>