Algae biomass for energy and biobased materials

Microalgae cultivated at Industridoktorn

Algae are either microscopic (single cell), such as plancton (microalgae), or macroscopic, such as seaweed (macroalgae) and use sunlight as their energy source. What was previously called blue-green algae are actually cyanobacteria, which photosynthesize in the same way as microalgae and use sunlight as energy source. All of these three groups can be utilized to produce biobased materials as well as for treatment of gas and water from industrial processes (carbon capture).

Algae can cause blooms

Microalgae/cyanobacteria can also cause problems, such as toxic algal blooms or by fouling of materials and surfaces.

Macroalgae can be used for biobased materials

Industridoktorn conducts research on algae in different forms and can help you with product development, fouling issues and in development projects which utilize algae as raw material. We work with both marine- and freshwater-adapted species. In addition we have extensive experience working with pilot plants in industrial settings and with industrial flue gas as carbon source.

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